I recently got word that I received an honorable mention for the 2013 Association of Internet Researchers Dissertation Award. I don’t think I can make the conference this year, sadly, since I’ll be within the “too pregnant to fly” window.

The International Communication Association recently awarded our article “Core Networks,┬áSocial Isolation, and New Mediathe 2012 Outstanding Article Award.

As a result, the article should be freely accessible online here


I’m extremely happy to announce that I’ll be joining Facebook as a Researcher in the late summer/early fall.

Now to finish this dissertation…

Fun stuff.

Mashable made a short video explaining the main findings of our recent Pew Internet report.

Our latest Pew Internet report was just released. The report, titled Why most Facebook users get more than they give, pairs Facebook user logs with survey data to examine the relationship between specific site activities, access to social support, and civic/political engagement.